Aktiviti Taska Sepanjang Bulan JANUARI 2019

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Sollu 'alan Nabi :) 

Assalamualaikum w.b.t semua :)

Alhamdulillah thumma Alhamdulillah.
Berlalu sudah bulan Januari, bulan permulaan persekolahan untuk anak2 :)
Jom tengok aktiviti anak2 soleh solehah kita sepanjang bulan Januari ni :D

First day school moment! x)
Minggu orentasi dan suaikenal anak2 ;)

Aktiviti babies bermain dengan beras ;)
Lihatlah reaksi2 yang comel sgt tu :P
Aktiviti ini dapat meransang skill motor halus mereka :)

Obstacle course time for toddler 2! :)

What is obstacle course?
Combination lots of gross motor skills together into one practice!

This activity will support:

1/ Balance and Coordination.
2/ Strength and Endurance.
3/ Attention and Alertness (sensory processing)
4/ Body awareness.
5/ Movement planning (praxis)

The Mirror Stage said to be from the ages of six to eighteen months old, is when child begin to recognize "self" as the image he or she sees in the mirror!

 Why use mirror?

The answer is really much more complex than "meets the eyes" ;)
Using mirror with infants and toddler is a developmental tool used to teach self-recognition :D

Young children can also develop pre-reading skills from the use of mirrors by learning pronunciation, vocabulary and the skill of identification! :)

 Story-telling time! :)

Kisah Nabi dan Tentera Bergajah Abrahah ;)
Teacher menceritakan kisah perjuangan Nabi yang terdapat dalam Al-Quran pada Surah Al-Fil supaya anak2 tahu tentang pengorbanan dan perjuangan Rasulullah dan meningkatkan cinta kepada Allah dan Rasulullah :)

Play with duck activities!
Pick the duck and put in the other container ;)

 Making sound with the biscuit tin :)

Bowling time!


1/ Hand-eye Coordination – Have the child learn to stack their own cup, but include further instructions for him to make straight lines, in circles, triangles or squares

2/ Patterns – Have the child alternate the arrangement of the cup to form a pattern – first row with 5 cup, then 4 and 3 and then have the child repeat the pattern on his own 

3/ Count – Have the child count the cup. Have him count how many he knocked down. Count how many are left up?

Good job anak2 soleh solehah! :)

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